‘New American Road Trip’ touts electric cars, warns of dangers of climate change

By Gabby Hart (KSNV NBC Las Vegas)

Politician and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg was in Las Vegas on Sunday.

He’s dishing out some strong words for the Trump administration regarding climate change, and saying Nevada is leading the way to make a difference.

Las Vegas was the first stop on the New American road trip. The group will be driving an electric car across the country to raise awarness and push for more charging stations along our highways.

One of their top supporters Michael Bloomberg, gave his take, and sent a tenacious message to the white house.

It’s an initiative to raise awareness about climate change and the benefits of electric cars.

“And we’re gonna get the rest of the way there, with or without Washington,” said Bloomberg. “They cut air pollution that causes death and disease and they cut carbon emissions that are fueling Climate change.”

Bloomberg has been vocal about his disapproval of how President Trump is handling climate change. In 2013, before Trump took office, he tweeted, in part, that “global warming is a total and very expensive hoax.”

Since taking office the president pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change, and has also appointed officials who dispute the science of global warming.

“They science is clear, and to refuse to accept the science in this day and age is something that nobody could conceive of,” said Bloomberg.

The electric vehicle tour started in California over the next ten days. It will stop in states across the country.

Organizers say more people would drive electric cars if there were more charging stations.

Bloomberg says Nevada is playing a key role in ensuring our country’s clean energy.

“Nevada is one of the states working to fix this and have more charging stations,” said Bloomberg. “The stretch of 95 from Reno to Las Vegas is almost done. That’s one thing happening in Vegas that shouldn’t stay in Vegas.”

Other advocates participating in the New American Road Trip say it’s time for everyone to start doing more to combat climate change.

“Climate Change is an issue that effects people all over the world from the rich to the poor,” said advocate Joao Talocchi.

Last month– the Trump administration released a new plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and address climate change. That plan however received some backlash, with many people calling it the “bare minimum.”

There have been reports that Michael Bloomberg is considering running for president in 2020. Today, he would neither confirm or deny those rumors

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